Basic rules when using Google translate

Some of our clients use Google translate to have a broad understanding about an enquiry in French or German and then we usually respond to the enquiry in a proper French or German.
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Distributor reporting template

When we started to work with a very large distributor for one of my clients, we have started to use a template to report to the management team of the distributor.
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Interview guide

I developed this interview guide as one of my clients was going to visit overseas distributors and asked me how I usually evaluate a distributor.
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Mindmap of country selection

To define your shortlist of 3—4 countries, you can use this method as a guide. Here are some selection criteria you can use for your business. And then you need to add other selection criteria that are relevant to your business. Each industry is different and you need to fine—tune this mindmap according to your needs.
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Pricelist template

An effective, table-based template to help you structure your price lists.
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Profile of ideal distributor

Refine this profile as you progress on your export journey and you learn more about the distributors that work best for you.
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Tips to create an export-focused business

Here are few easy tasks to perform that will help you to engage your team on the export journey. This is really up to you to decide what is feasible and most adapted to your business. It also depends on your company culture and salary packages.
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