How long will it take to make a first sale overseas?

There is no general rule; it depends on your commitment in the export process. In the past, Exportia has obtained its first sale from as little as six months for some companies. It also depends on the purchasing process of your customers and distributors overseas and on your company’s experience in exporting.

Do the French speak English?

Usually, French business people are comfortable with writing English. For Australian companies, it is important to keep in mind that your European competitors will have a French speaking team for the French market.

What level of involvement do we have to have with the export process?

Your involvement in the export process is essential at every stage. Exportia will work with you to define your level of involvement in the process, depending on your needs.

Can I benefit from any export grant to support my export strategy?

If you have promoted your prodicts or services in the overseas markets, then your business may be eligible for a financial support from The Government.We can assist you in identifying the relevant export grant, will provide you with guidance in lodging the application or will lodge it on your behalf. Furthermore, most Exportia services are eligible for Federal and State export grants. Contact us for more information on solutons to optimise your export budget. To find further information on Federal Export Market Development Grant visit Austrade web-site.

Why the French Market?

France is the fifth largest world economy. The market potentiality is huge because of its population of 63.8 million. The French major industries are transport, telecommunications, agribusiness, banking, insurance, tourism, luxury goods, electronics, optoelectronics, and submarine electronics. So there are a lot of opportunities exporting to this market. Keep in mind that France is the door of the European Union. Contact us for more info on opportunities for your product.

Why the German Market?

German market is the world’s fourth largest economy in 2008. Germany is steadily recovering from the Global Financial Crisis as its economy grew by 0.3 per cent in the second quarter of 2009 despite all expectations.  Despite the global economic downturn, the German market for medical equipment and supplies was estimated at US$12,446 million in 2008, 76% being supplied by imports. It is the largest market in Europe. New fast growing sectors include IT, biotechnology and renewable energy. Germany offers many commercial opportunities to Australian companies as a gateway into Central and Eastern Europe.

What are the opportunities for my product in France?

Contact us to evaluate what your chances are in the French market.

Which Trade Fair should I attend?

Look at our News section, where the upcoming Trade Fairs are noted or contact us.

How do I know if I am export ready?

You can ask yourself several questions to start with:

  • Am I well established in Australia? Could I expand further in Australia?
  • Have I received enquiries from overseas? From where?
  • Do I have the financial and human resources to target a new market?
  • How will I provide support for my overseas clients?
  • Is my intellectual property protected?

How do I know if the French market is right for my product?

There are several factors to consider. Some of them are the market growth, the ease of entry, the competitiveness of your product and degree of competition. For more information contact us.