The Information Communication Technology (ICT) Sector

In Australia, 400,000 people are working in the ICT sector, working for more than 30,000 specialized companies. This market is worth 80 billion Euros and is the 4th largest market in Asia-Pacific and the 11th largest in the world.

Target consumers aware of the latest IT trends

In Australia, there are 6 million desktop computers and 4 million smartphones, expecting to increase by 40 % in 2012 to exceed 12 million users. The penetration rate for the mobile market is over 130% (50% for smartphones), and 89% of the population use the Internet. More than 11.5 million Australians have a Facebook profile (70% of the online population), and 3 million have a Linkedin account.

Take advantage of an innovative environment respecting intellectual property

Spending in R&D in the Australian ICT industry is about 4 billion Euros per year, equivalent to 23% of Australian expenditures in research. Research is supported by the private sector, but also by universities and Australian government. Australia has managed to develop a effective legal framework which is respectful of intellectual property, ranking Australia at the 12th position of the IPRI (International property right Index), doing better than United States, France and Germany.

Establish your product in a digital economy

The National Broadband Network project and the Digital Economy should double the size of this industry by 2020. The objective of the government is to provide a broadband network for all Australians within 10 years: 93% of households, schools and workplaces will be connected to the optic fiber, and the 4G wireless network is going to be finalized in 2015.

The new Digital Economy will affect the entire Australian economy, including a change in

  • working practices, with the development of telework
  • healthcare with the development of online consultation
  • commerce with the explosion of e-commerce
  • the interaction between the population and the government with e-government

Help Australian companies to adopt Cloud applications

80% of Australian companies are using Cloud applications, and more than 50% are planning to increase their investment in the Cloud in 2012. Australia in February 2012, ranked 2nd among the countries the most prepared for the implementation of Cloud Computing.

What are the opportunities for foreign ompanies?

  • E-Health: Australia is open to new solutions to facilitate the access to data and sharing, to reduce costs and the processing time.
  • Your solutions for telecommunications (mobile integration, mobile applications, etc.) will cover 50% of the Australian ICT market.
  • «E-government» or the use of ICT by public administration, to make government more accessible, to improve internal operations and reduce costs.
  • E-commerce is witnessing major changes, which will reach 13 billion Euros of revenue, with a calculated 14% annual growth for the coming years.
  • Cloud computing: health, commerce, government, big companies and SMEs, the Cloud is the strongest trend of the next years in the ICT sector.
  • Any innovative solution for Information Technology and Telecommunication can find its market with 1.3 million SMEs in Australia.

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