Are you looking for a fast and effective way to expand into international markets and reach new buyers? Exportia can put you on the fast-track to export success. Best of all, we’re with you every step of the way – reducing the risk, while saving you time and money.

  • Build and grow your export sales

    Want to break into new markets? Exportia conducts fast-tracked sales campaigns to generate qualified leads with prospective customers and key accounts. Already exporting? We can help you increase your market share and expand into new markets.

  • Get the most out of your market visits

    Market visits can be extremely time and resource-consuming for busy business owners and executives. Exportia helps you make the most of your overseas visit by ensuring that you meet with the most promising potential customers, distributors and business partners. We qualify their interest before you travel, and optimise your itinerary. So when you return home, you’ve achieved your business objectives and have genuine sales leads.

  • Set up a strong distribution network internationally

    Whether your business is large or small, one of the most cost-effective methods to commercialise your product or service is by using an indirect sales force. Exportia sets up efficient distribution networks for your company. These networks will generate revenue, provide access to an existing customer base, and broaden your reach in the overseas markets you are entering.

  • Form partnerships in the European IT sector

    In the IT sector, the formation of partnerships and alliances has become a key strategy for business development. Our tailored Go IT Partners’ Package allows you to benefit from our existing relationships with European IT partners and speed up your market entry, dramatically.

  • Support for your exporting efforts

    Exportia’s experienced international sales teams can support organisations who haven’t yet established their reputation or networks internationally. Our multilingual, multi-country sales force will help you become export ready, improve your capability to service an international market, and grow and look after your customer base overseas.

Finding the markets that offer you the best opportunities and formulating a suitable entry strategy are the two key success factors in the export game. Exportia provides the market intelligence and direct feedback from potential clients and industry players that you need to make the right decisions.

  • Find the overseas market that’s right for you

    With over 40 countries in Europe, how do you know where to start? Exportia identifies the most promising countries and sectors for you, saving you time and resources before entering a market. We assess the interest of the local industry and provide you with invaluable feedback.

  • How do you enter the market?

    Licensing? Distribution channels? Direct or industry? Acquisition? Creating a local company? The entry to a new market can be quite different depending on the industry, and the product or service. On top of all that, each country has its own types of distribution channels, many completely different to those in your home country. With extensive international experience and successes, Exportia can bullet-proof your entry strategy into your new market.

  • Get attention from overseas investors

    Start-ups and small businesses often need to raise funds in order to further develop a technology, fund their commercialisation or simply take their business to the next step. Exportia provides access to a range of investors. Our networks give you access to large corporate funding programs, venture capitalists and private investors.

Governments and industry associations recognise the need to support the development of their local industries by supporting them in their export development. Exportia works in partnership with government bodies and industry associations to grow export sales of a cluster of companies from a specific region or industry.

  • High-performance in-bound and out-bound trade missions

    Government or industry associations benefit from Exportia’s industry and sales-focused approach when it comes to conducting productive and revenue-generating trade missions for your clients and members. In-bound missions become powerful lead generators for the participants, using Exportia’s business-matching capabilities and networks.

  • Setting up clusters for export success

    Companies from a similar industries or regions, and businesses with a shared intent to start doing business internationally, all benefit from our cluster services. Whether the objective is to build export capabilities through joint workshops, conduct lead-generating activities, or connect with industry groups or clusters in other countries, Exportia helps groups of companies achieve their strategic goals.

  • Your clients find their perfect match

    Our business-matching service allows export-ready companies to meet with potential customers and business partners. Exportia searches, identifies and screens suitable business partners and arranges business-matching appointments for discussions and negotiations.

Building a local presence is vitally important if you want to achieve success in overseas markets. Exportia provides you with all the in-country support you need to be regarded as a local player, so your overseas clients will find it much easier to do business with you.

  • Making sure you don’t get lost in translation

    To ensure that your marketing message makes an impact in international markets and that any technical instructions are clearly understood, Exportia offers a fast, professional and affordable translation service into most European languages. We translate marketing brochures, profiles of your company, product or service, as well as presentations, manuals, product sheets, tenders and more. Just contact us for a free quote.    

  • Create a global online presence

    Exportia can help to adapt your website and social media marketing to appeal to the expectations, wishes and even aspirations of local customers in your chosen export destinations. A local domain name, such as .de for Germany or .fr for France, will raise your profile as a local company even further. We can handle the registration process for you.    

  • Go global, be a local

    Exportia helps you build a strong local presence, quickly and easily. We can be your point of contact if you need a local address, a virtual office or a hotline for your customers. Our overseas team members will attend to incoming enquiries in the local language and respond to voice-mails, then relay all the information directly to you, in English.    

  • Interim Management solutions for your international venture

    You may need international expertise or local knowledge when negotiating a business deal in a foreign country. You may need the sales team in your export market to be coached for a period of time in order to increase export sales. Perhaps you’re in need of a manager to develop your sales before recruiting locally. Exportia can help you with tailor-made interim management solutions.    

  • Setting up an overseas operation, made easy

    If you plan to get established in an overseas market by setting up a company, a representative office, subsidiary or branch, we can connect you with reliable experts. Our local network of legal advisors, accountants and bookkeepers can give you support with the setup and administration of your operation. You’ll be minimising your risk and making sure that you comply with local laws.    

  • Get regulatory approval for your product

    Carrying the right standard or norm on your product builds your company's credibility when breaking into the overseas market. We can help you during the registration process and connect you with the right regulatory experts.